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Know who we are

As  Herany Flora Kenya we are glad to introduce ourselves to you. We are a Kenyan company that supplies fresh cut flowers and foliage to the European, Asia, Greece, Bangladesh, Egypt, Benin, Uganda, Japan and Middle East markets. Generally around the entire globe. Our team is made up of people with a wide array of experience in the flower industry with professionalism in ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our service and also products at every specific time.We offer competitive prices for quality varieties proven in the market. Our sales team has extensive experience in the low and high altitude farm varieties throughout and will strive to match and exceed your expectations.

Some of the features that set Herany Flora apart from the many other flower companies in the country is that at Herany Flora we can and we do:

  • Consolidation for you at your convenience.
  • Act as a hub and  a central point that will receive all your buys (purchases) from the different farms in Kenya.
  •  Book freight space with your appointed shipping agent, physically consolidate the boxes at the airport and hand over the consignment for shipment.
  • Also, we will consolidate the products into one commercial invoice with one Airway Bill as per your convenience.
  • We asses and check quality right from the farms during the processing of the order to ensure little or zero complaints at all.
  • We ensure and monitor the shipment up to receipt and await the response and comments from the clients should there be need to address the concerns.

We are uniquely placed in a position to source and find any flower varieties that you may require or fancy and are hopeful of forming a mutually beneficial partnership between our two companies.Always assuring you of our best attention at all times and professionalism. Integrity is a major priority and concern for us to always ensure the trade is enjoyable to each participant leaving no room for heartaches and disappointment and also dissatisfaction. Visit any of our braches in(Nanyuki, JKIA Nairobi and Kisumu) for we treasure your business and connection with us at all times.

Why you should choose us

Faster Shipping

Herany Flora Kenya also has the best partnership and collaboration with the best airlines who also through our agents offer the best rates, reliable connections and ample spacing for the shipment regardless the volume of the shipment. You can bank on us for your flight.

Affordable Pricing

Herany Flora Kenya gives the best prices to the clients so that there is able to experience growth and success in all ways. Thus we negotiate better pricing with constant supply. Year round prices are our priority.

Export Documentation

HERANY FLORA KENYA ensure proper and timely export documentation for your shipment to ensure that there is ease of flight without delays due to delayed submission of the docs. Bank on our airport Documentation Team

Cumulative Consolidation

Herany Flora Kenya will ensure that no matter how many farms you acquire your shipment and deliveries from,we ensure a single and cumulative Consolidation Invoice and documents for your shipments. Get in touch with us for this professional services.


Your work is perfect, thank God I’m Angolan and I received my goods in a good way, thank you very much, congratulations.

Joelma Flowers


Herani supplies the unique flowers you would rarely find in the day today flower market. Always on time and very intentional with getting you what you want.

Kwanzi Decor

Kampala Uganda

Thank you Herany Flowers for your quick response and patience through out my inquiries till I made my final peaks. You are the best!!




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